Revolutionize Virtual Reality – The Current and Futuristic Trend of Architectural Industry

The world of architecture is too vast. With the fast-paced digital environment, new discovered techniques and concepts are inevitable as consumers continue to look for more innovative ideas. To plan and create a residential or commercial real-estate or any type of construction is not an easy procedure. Developers, architects and constructors are used to rely[…]

Virtual Reality Architecture And Its Advantages

Virtual techniques are used these days in the construction business for a number of reasons. More and more construction companies are leaning towards making a virtual home to show to their clients how their house will look once its finished. This will enable the home owners to view their house even before it has been[…]

The Future of Virtual Reality – Reshaping The Business World Today

The consumer version of one of the most popular VR headset, Oculus Rift is now available for pre-order on the Oculus website. After the long wait, VR headset is finally here and virtual reality is here to stay. Other than Oculus Rift, more VR headsets such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR[…]

Virtual Reality: Areas of application & today’s challenges and issues

In the beginning of 1990s, the interaction of public with virtual reality was rarely went due to primitive demo of few blocky images of chessboard. With the growth of entertainment industry, the people were still taking huge interests on applications of virtual reality in gaming and cinematic experiences. The VR systems were continue to be[…]

Use Dot Net Frameworks not to Get Lost in the Virtual Reality

About .Net application developmentTo tell you quite frankly, computers confuse me and hence I set out to do some learning. “What is this?” and “What is that?” were two of my favourite questions. My queries were answered, I was a happy person but not before I gave, a few people a headache anyway with my nonstop[…]

Animation Institutes In Indore Meets You With Virtual Reality

In the present scenario, the career and future scope of learning animation techniques have become the most widespread that the experts from this field are expanding day by day. The sector has proved to be a milestone in the world’s education field as it has opened the career path for both unemployed and talented learners.[…]

New in Plastic Surgery: Virtual Reality Breast Augmentation Software

Plastic surgeons are turning to new computer technology and fast digital imaging techniques to drastically improve the results and client satisfaction of breast augmentation surgery. Cosmetic enhancement to a woman’s breasts is sometimes a risky operation not because of the surgeon’s skills but because of the unrealistic expectations and goals placed upon the surgery. Choosing[…]

Top 8 Google Glass Accessories Working Best For Your Augmented Reality Experience

Coming as one of the pioneers in Augmented Reality, Google Glass has had a topsy turvy experience in the consumer world. Some prefer this whole new concept of virtual reality while some are still hesitant to accept these bulky heads-up displays in their everyday tech lives. If you’re one of those lucky explorers trying to[…]

Bringing Dreams to Reality Through Technology

Believe it or not, scientists of modern era are working round the clock to develop a technology that will enable you to visually depict what you are dreaming or thinking. The technology is intended to bring these dreams into a picture and eventually display them on a computer screen. According to many, this concept is[…]

Augmented Reality (AR) Market, 2015-2025by Segmentation: Based on Product, Application and Region

Augmented reality applications and gradually witnessing mainstream adoption and are witnessing rapid traction among consumers. Augmented reality (AR) generally portrays as a real time hub and integrated combinations of text, graphics, audio and several other enhancements to customer screens and showcase real-world objects. With increasing uptake of social media, Augmented Reality application providers are focusing[…]

The Basics of Augmented Reality Application Development

Augmented reality is one of the trendiest topics of the present day, especially after the launch of Google Glass. This technique is mostly leveraged upon by mobile users in their Android applications. However, before moving into that, let us explain what augmented reality is. It is a live, direct/ indirect real-world environment where you can[…]