The Evil Within – Beyond Anything Human

Life is a mad rush, with busy schedules and lifestyles most people do not get time for themselves. However, for a healthy lifestyle, taking time off from reality and immersing oneself in a virtual world is essential. The easiest way to do so is by playing games. With the advancements in technology, different role playing[…]

Visual Effects training in professional institutes

Visual effects or VFX are done after the completion of shooting of a film. In this process various additional effects are added which is almost impossible during live action shoot. Any thing that is difficult to shoot are done through using visual effects. Various digital tools are used in this process. Visual effects are used[…]

Increasing Demand for Medical Imaging drives 3D Imaging Market

3D imaging refers to the method of using a 2D surface to render three-dimensional images on it, by creating an optical illusion of depth. This helps enhance the 360-degree viewing experience of any image. The advent of advanced technologies such as 3D displays and 3D image, which deliver high-resolution images, has subsequently fuelled the adoption[…]

Effective Tips for Graphic Design in Townsville

If you have been wondering how important graphics are in a website, video games or gaming, then believe us when we tell you they are an essential to wherever they are used. Graphics enhance the aesthetic appeal to the content placed on the company’s web page keeping viewer’s attention and interest intact. The graphics serve[…]